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Champions are Born, Losers are Made Plus Learn the Inner Secrets of Leadership

"Most people don't believe that they were born a Champion. I was one of those people! I will no longer allow society to place labels on me! I am a Champion, and I was born to live free! This book will change your life"

Carol Smith, Construction Company Owner, Florida

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"I was somewhat hesitant about reading John Di Lemme's books and made every excuse as to why I didn't want to read them. Reluctantly, I picked up one of John's books, and I'm glad that I did. His books are full of wisdom and are a foundational part of my life and business."

Christen Adolfi, Real Estate, New York

"There are few people in the world that can write and teach like John Di Lemme. He continually inspires to be better and change lives through my expertise in the medical field. The impossible is possible for me!"

Dr. Ira Bloomfield, Physician & Consultant, North Carolina

"This is my favorite book, because I find there is so much inside that I can relate to and John makes me dig down deep to find my inner Champion. I find something different and new every time I read it! I now know and believe that I was born a Champion and have the right to achieve my dreams!"

Carolann Brockman, Bookkeeper, Florida

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